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What is "archInvoice"

Before explaining the finer details of archInvoice, let's first explain...
[ What It Is... ]
Web-Based Billing System for Professionals

archInvoice is an integrated web-based, application that can be used by any profession, or professional, that bills by the hour, with a fixed fee, or by the square foot by phases.

archInvoice is a database driven system for the creation and tracking of invoices for architects, engineers, or other professionals that require trackable billing and invoicing.

archInvoice is designed for the busy professional and can easily help you process large volumes of client data and coordinate and track many, many invoices

How Does It Work?

A system administrator uses the system to enter new customers and related project information

The employees use the system to track the hours they worked on an individual project or phase

Management uses the system to control the budget on each project or phase.

Reports can be produced to detail the amount of work expended on each project, a summary of all invoices generated during a billing period, and the total receivables due at any point in time.


archInvoice is designed to allow you the flexibility to determine your own unique phase or staff codes and project or customer identifiers.

This flexibility allows you the freedom to use archInvoice to track your professional services and is easily customized to track your profession.

[ What It Is Not... ]

archInvoice is NOT designed for small volume users to enter a few bits of information about a customer and the few hours worked on a project for the creation and submission of one, two, or even a few invoices

[ Note ]
archInvoice is pronounced arc_Invoice with a silent "h".
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